Billings TrailNet Wins a $2,600 Grant!!

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Billings TrailNet has a received a grant of $2,629 from the Billings Community Foundation towards a campaign to promote our endowment with them. An endowment is essentially a savings account for an organization. This way, i
t can accrue interest over time which can be used to help fund the everyday functions of a non-profit like Billings TrailNet. Not only is it a means of funding for a non-profit, an endowment also provides security for the future and shows our members and community supporters that we are here to stay.

With the importance of the this endowment to our organization it is equally important that we promote it properly. Endowments are grown through charitable donations which can only be made if the donors know about the opportunity. The marketing materials and time cost money which was the reasoning for Billings TrailNet to apply for the grant. The Billings Community Foundation recognized this need and awarded the grant so we thank them for their generosity.

The grant will be awarded to our executive director, Kristi Drake, at The Billings Community Foundation Award Dinner & Ceremony at Rocky Mountain College on June 7th.