Everyone who has signed up to be a member Billings TrailNet is now considered a lifetime member. The reason: Billings TrailNet’s goal is to reach 10,000 members! That would be approximately 10% of the entire population of Billings: an impressive number of supporters when we advocate for bike and pedestrian infrastructure with policymakers and planners.

If you believe you are a member and you are not on this list, please contact us at 406-281-1244, or email membership@billingstrailnet.org.

Although your membership will never expire, we urge all of our members to make an annual donation. You can donate online by selecting the Donate button at the top of this page, or by mailing a check to us at PO Box 2416, Billings, MT, 59103.

Members as of  November 2019

First Name Last Name Membership Type
Kourtnei Adams Student
Ed and Kathy Aders Individual
Gerri Aduna Individual
Jim Albano Individual
Suzy Albano Individual
Leslie Albright Individual
Anne Allen Individual
Joyce Amundson Individual
Randy Amundson Individual
Alex Anderson Individual
Carl and Nancy Anderson Family
Marie Anderson Individual
Kathleen Aragon Family
Steven Arbogast Family
Kyle Archbold Individual
Jeremy Archer Family
David Armstrong Individual
Sondra Arnold Individual
Scott Atwood Family
Tee Aune Individual
Wade Austin Individual
Clarence Axtman Individual
Loree Baasch Individual
Kerry Baker Individual
Erin Baker Individual
Afton Ball Family
Tim & Betty Ballou Family
Kacee Ballou Family
Sharon Ballou Mefford Individual
Susan Balter-Reitz Individual
Robert Bannatz Individual
Scott Barber Family
Joy Barber Student
Michelle Barbre Individual
Jenny Barkac Individual
Carolyn Barnett Individual
Maggie Barovich Individual
Erling & Ann Barsness Family
Rick Bart Family
Edward Barta Family
Kathy Baskett & Mark Bassingthwaighte Family
John and Vickie Battaglia Family
Ann Bauer Individual
Kristin Baumert Individual
Chris Baumert Individual
Adam Baumgartner Individual
Bobbi Beagley Individual
Eva Beal Individual
Lindsey & Benjamin Beasley Family
Mary Beth Beaulieu Individual
Jason Beckwith Individual
Blake Beddow Individual
Travis Begger Individual
Kelli Begley Family
Kathleen Benoit Individual
Randy Benson Individual
Jim & Ceci Bentler Family
Trent Berg Individual
Wendi Bergthold Individual
Fran Bergum Individual
Ryan Bermes Individual
Matt Bermes Student
Roger Bernhardt Individual
Jim and Pam Berry Family
Twyla Best Individual
Tom and Kathy Bick Family
Teresa Bidleman Individual
Chad Billings Individual
Jodie & Jono Binger Family
Justin Birkle Individual
Theresa Bishop Individual
Jane & Steven Bjordahl Family
Anne Blair Individual
Bobbie Blakeley Individual
Teresa Blaskovich Family
Lindsay Blattie Individual
Jeff Bollman Family
Will Bolotin Individual
Mitch Bonawitz Individual
Juanita Bonner Individual
Harvey and Margy Bonner Family
Alexis Bonogofsky Individual
Jim Bonsell Family
Zelda Boogman Individual
Jean Boone Family
Leslie & Pete Boothroyd Family
Nicole Bottsford-Miller Individual
Roberta Bourgon Family
Joel Bowers Family
Ron Boyd Individual
Debby Boyle Individual
Gary Bradensburg Family
John Bradley Individual
Garry and Kathy Brayko Individual
Seth Breding Individual
Kristi Brenden Individual
Savannah Brennan Family
Kris Brester Family
John Brewer Individual
Helmi Brink Individual
Rebecca Brockel Individual
Chad Broderius Family
Todd and Rita Brown Family
Beverly Brown Individual
Matt Brown Individual
Troy Brown Individual
Jean Brown Individual
Lisa Brownell Individual
Emily Bruce Individual
Ron & Kelly Bruce Family
Gary, Todd Buchanan Family
John & Stella Burke Family
Lorinne Burke-White Individual
Ron and Judy Burnam Family
Vikki Burrington Individual
Tom Burtchaell Individual
Dick Bush Individual
Robyn Butler-Hall Individual
Jeffrey Butts Individual
Karen Byorth Student
Lori Byron Individual
Laura Cahill Student
Terry Cahill Family
Lynn Cain Individual
Zac Campbell Individual
James Caniglia Individual
Nikki Carda Individual
Bruce Carlson Individual
Linda Carlson Individual
Lisa Carnicom Individual
Chris Carnoo Individual
David & Joni Carter Family
Leslie Cartner Individual
Chris and Melissa Henderson Caruso Family
Charles Cashmore Individual
Desiree Caskey Individual
Toby Cernick Individual
Chad Chadwick Individual
Richard Charbonneau Individual
Mandy Charpentier Individual
Bruce and Karen Chessen Family
Kristin Childers Individual
Paul Chinberg Family
Russell Christensen Individual
Don Christensen Individual
Brian & Kelli Christenson Family
Elizabeth Ciemins Individual
Ernesto Cisneros Individual
Vicky Clark Individual
Jolinda Clark Family
Roy Clement Family
Susan Clendenun Individual
Stephanie Clifton Individual
Clindyrom Individual
Allison Clyne Individual
Patrick & Carla Cobb Family
Beth Cohen Individual
Bill and Anne Cole Family
Mark Cole Individual
Steven Collins Family
Paul & Michelle Collins Family
John Collis Individual
Damon Combs Family
Jalene Conlon Family
Jack Conner Individual
Kristi Conroy Individual
Lewis Cook Individual
Jill Cook Individual
Carina Cooper Individual
Renee Coppock Individual
Jennifer & Steve Corning Family
Wendy Cottrell Individual
Brad Coutant Individual
Sarah Cox Individual
Sam Crawford Individual
Patricia Crisp Individual
Brent Cromley Family
Dean Cromwell Family
Paige Cross Individual
K. Crouch Individual
Triel Culver Individual
Ralna Cunningham Individual
James Curran Individual
David Cushing Individual
Josephine Daggett Individual
Kristy Dallas Individual
Anita Daly Individual
Travis Damjanovich Individual
Julie Dannenberg Individual
Pat Davies Family
Boo Davis Individual
Dru Dawson Individual
Ed & Bonnie Dean Family
Jason Dean Family
Mary Decker Individual
Dustin Deering Individual
Jill Degn Individual
Tim Delaney Individual
Terry Dennis Individual
Ari Denson Individual
Enrique Diaz Individual
Erin Dickey Individual
Sharon Dickhaut Family
Stephen Dilts Individual
Mj Dimich Family
Pam and Tom Dimich Family
Justin Disterhaupt Individual
Duane Dittmer Individual
Derek Doles Individual
Joseph Dompier Individual
Stephanie Donovan Individual
Pam Donovan Individual
Karen Dooley Individual
Gregory & Terry Dorow Family
Colin Dow Individual
Jim & Sheila Downs Family
Kristi Drake Individual
Judy Drinkwalter Individual
Randal Duenow Individual
Patrick and Jennell Duey Family
Ryan and Nina Hernandez Duffy Family
Jennifer Dull Family
Susan Dutcher Individual
Paula Dyba Family
Christopher Dykes Family
Suzie and Karen Stainton Eades Family
Megan Eandi Individual
Kathryn Easton Individual
Sarah Edwards Individual
Becca Egan Individual
Lissa Egan Individual
Danielle Egnew Individual
Jamey Eisenbarth Individual
JJ Elton Individual
Laura Emard Individual
Pat Emerson Family
Nash Emrich Individual
Wendy England Individual
Michael Englehart Individual
Carol Erbe Individual
Tim Erickson Individual
Lynne Erickson Individual
Daniel Erikson Family
Wayne Erlenbush Individual
Laura Estes Individual
Wendy Eubank Individual
Steven Evans Individual
Kelly Ewing Family
Eric Faber Individual
Brendan Farrell Individual
Nate Fawcett Individual
Hilja Felix Individual
John Felten Student
Dennis Fergus Individual
Karen Filz Individual
Debbie Fischer Individual
Elizabeth Fischer Individual
Andrea Fiscus Family
Kim Fisher Family
Stella Fong Family
Gregory Forrester Student
Hal Forseth Individual
Lori Forseth Individual
Kristy Foss Individual
Paul Foster, Jr Family
Sandy Fox Individual
Chad Fox Individual
Laverne Frank Individual
Bess Fredlund Individual
Bill Freeman Individual
Emily French Individual
Wyeth Friday Family
Merle Froslie Family
Travus Frost Individual
Katherine Fuglevand Family
Bill Fulton Individual
Liz Fulton Individual
Jami Furenst Individual
Cindy Gabel Individual
Kendra Galahan Individual
Karen and Dan Gall Family
Lisa Galvin Individual
Victor Garera Individual
Dennis Garnett Family
Mike Garvey Individual
Dennis Gaub Individual
Jared Gavin Family
Georgette Gee Individual
Heather Gentry Family
Eric George Individual
Tony George Family
Paolo & Nancy Gerbasi Individual
Robert & Katie Germany Family
Lani Gershmel Martin Individual
Steve & Doris Gerstner Individual
Elizabeth Gerstner Individual
Mark Gilbertson Individual
Meg Gildehaus Individual
Charles & Fredricka Gilje Family
Katherine Gleason Individual
Jim & Peggy Good Family
Doug and Lori Goodheart Family
Josh Gordon Individual
Amber Goulet Individual
Clinton Gramza Individual
Bo Grandahl Individual
Zachary Graves Individual
Roger Gravgaard Individual
Brandy and Frank Gray Individual
Robert Grayson Individual
Raymond Green Individual
Doreen Green Individual
Willow Greenough Individual
Kelly Greer Individual
Vince Grewe Individual
Brad Griffin Individual
Karen Grosz Individual
Bryan Grove Family
Carol Grubbs Individual
Kerry Gruizenga Individual
Robert Guccione Individual
Ryan Guelff Individual
Ed Gulick Individual
Whit Gum Individual
Jim Guyer Family
Doug Habermann Individual
Randy Hafer Individual
Dave Hagstrom Individual
Kelli Hahn Individual
Pam Jones & Ed Hahn Family
Dustin Halama Individual
Michael Hall Individual
Greg Halsey Family
Randy Hammerquist Individual
Jennica Hammond Individual
Emily & Troy Hand Family
Tom and Robin Hanel Family
Alex Hannan Individual
Brent Hansen Individual
Russ & Betty Hansen Family
Bill Hanson Individual
Kyle Hanson Family
Jason Hanson Individual
Rita Harding Individual
Katie Harmon Individual
Beverly Harper Family
Doug Harper Individual
Lynn & Tim Harper Individual
Rebecca Harrington Individual
Brian & Molly Harrington Family
Corinne Hart Individual
Lucas Harvey Individual
Kati Harvey Individual
Bruce Hattig Family
Sheena Hauf Individual
Monica Hausler Individual
Melissa Hawkins Individual
Amber Haworth Individual
Sara Haworth Individual
Joe Hayes Individual
Anna Hegel Individual
Lou Hegwer Individual
Randy Heinz Individual
Ryan Helgeson Family
Mary Helgeson Individual
Amber Hellekson Individual
Jerome Helmer Individual
Tanya Henry Individual
Sam Hensler Individual
Craig and Tori Hepp Family
Kim Herbert Individual
Gabe Hernandez Individual
Cris & Leslie Hernandez Family
Russ & Trish Herring Family
Jeff Hert Family
Wanda Hert Student
David Hester Family
Brendon Hill Individual
Susan and Gordon Hills Individual
Mark & Meredith Hinman Individual
Karen Hoerner Individual
Linda Hofer Family
Eric Hoffman Individual
Wayne Hoffman Individual
Susan Hogan Family
Dan Hogan Individual
Hannah Hogg Individual
Dee Hogue Individual
Cindi Hoiness Individual
Roger Holick Individual
Dave & Tammy Holland Family
Tanis Holm Family
Alan Holom & Stacey Hubbell Family
Anne Holub Individual
Josh Hoops Individual
Doreen Hooson Individual
Michael Hopf Individual
Robert & Laura Hopkins Family
Jill Houk Individual
Tom Howard Individual
Tom and Diana Hudak Family
Steve Hudak Individual
Glenn Hufnagel Individual
Jennifer Hull Individual
Brant Humphrey Individual
Toni Humphrey Individual
Lee Humphrey Individual
Rob and Carolyn Hunter Family
Timothy Hust Individual
Tracy Hylland Family
Vincent Iacopini Individual
Cheryl Ikeda Individual
Courtney Irvine Individual
Jeff & Lynn Ivie Family
Brian and Michelle Iwanylo Family
Kylie Izzi Individual
Pat Jaffray Family
Carl & Jan Jahr Family
Wendy Jam Family
Sarah James Individual
Doug & Kathy James Family
Ben Jares Individual
Gene Jarussi Family
Barry Jeide Individual
Bernadete Jensen Individual
Ed Jensen Individual
Aloma Jess Individual
Kimberly Jestrab Individual
Shasta Jiracek Family
BJ & Lauren Johnson Family
Erik & Kathie Johnson Family
Kim Johnson Individual
Megan Johnsrud Individual
Sue and William Johnston Family
Kevin Jones Individual
William Jones Individual
Bob and Carolyn Jones Family
Denielle Jordan Individual
Martha Judice Individual
Janna Jurovich Individual
Ron Kalvis Individual
Ron & Lynda Kaminski Individual
Bryce Kantorowicz Individual
Jessica Karjala Student
Heather Kavran Family
Jim Keeling Family
Mike and Lainey Keene Family
Sarah Keller Individual
Michele Kelley Family
Frank and Margo Kelley Family
David & Kat Kelley Family
Gerald Kelso Individual
Julie Kelso Family
Ed Kemmick Individual
Kirk Kenfield Individual
Bill and Mary Kennedy Student
Larry & Valerie Kenney Family
Preston Kerr Individual
Diane Kersten Family
Jerry Kessler Individual
Susan Keys Individual
Rox Kezar Individual
Melissa Kibel Individual
Kerry Kiene Individual
Bob Kimpton Family
Holly and Dave Kincaid Individual
Sharli Kiner Individual
Jan Kirk Individual
Carry Kirkham Individual
Stephanie Kirkpatrick Individual
Tanya & Tad Kirschman Family
Daniel Klein Individual
Kris Kloeckner Individual
Steve Klotz Individual
Kristi Knutson Individual
Darren Kobelt Individual
W Kobos Individual
Scott Koch Individual
Tom Kohley Individual
Kevin Kooistra Individual
Glen Korf Individual
Chris Kosine Family
Caden Kosovich Individual
Lenette Kosovich Individual
Stephanie Kraai Individual
Joyce Kramer Family
Jeremy and Cassy Kramer Individual
Jeffrey Kreidler Individual
Nicole Kreiger Individual
Dennis Krenz Individual
Melanie Krenz Individual
Barbara & Tom Kress Individual
Boris Krizek Individual
Sandy Kunkel Individual
Alex Kunkel Individual
Randy Kunkel Individual
Valerie Lackman Individual
Jaclyn Laferriere Individual
Stacie Laferriere Individual
Carla Lafurge Family
Kiely Lammers Family
Joseph Landry Individual
Michael Lane Individual
Robert Lane Individual
Marlena Lanini Individual
Neil & Heidi LaPalm Family
Kevin Lariviere Family
Bruce Larsen Individual
Bradley & Traci Lauckner Family
Sandy Leach Individual
Rod & Teri Lee Family
Rodney Lee Individual
Dana Leeds Individual
Jared Lefevre Individual
David Lefevre Family
Dianne Lehm Individual
Diane Lehm Family
David Lehnherr Family
Judy Leighton Individual
Cora Leland Individual
Paul and Linda Lemire Family
Kristen Lenhardt Individual
Jacques Leroy Family
Amy & Bill Letson Family
Richard & Patti Lewallen Family
Bill Lewis Individual
Jim Lewis Individual
Sheri Leys Individual
Dianna Linder Family
Leif Linderman Family
Rob Lininger Individual
Kevin Lippman Individual
Gina Littlewolf-Millegan Family
Kevin Livingston Individual
Julian Locnikar Individual
Ron Lodders Family
Theresa Lode Individual
Malcolm Long Family
Robert Lopez Individual
Bonnie Lorenzen Individual
Laura Lorge Family
Kari Loterbauer Individual
Anna Lucas Individual
Dennis & Diane Lusin Family
Jonathan Lutz Individual
Sharon Lyons Individual
Stephen Macartney Family
Robert Mackin Family
Thom MacLean Individual
Katrina & Andrew MacLeod Family
Lou Ann Madden Individual
Wade Madison Individual
Wade Madison Individual
John & Karla Mahan Family
Keenan Makin Individual
Dylan Malloy Individual
Herbert Mangis Family
Elisa Mann Individual
William Manske Family
Jeanne Manske Individual
Bobbi Marble Individual
Jay Marschall Individual
Matt Marsh Individual
Matt Martin Individual
Kim Martin Individual
Alexander Martin Individual
Ruben & Kami J. Martinez Family
Reece Masters Individual
Kryn Matlock Individual
Rob Mattarolo Individual
Deb Mattern Individual
Gary Matteson Individual
Mary Matteson Individual
Lora Mattox Individual
Melissa Maurisak Individual
Kate Maxfield Individual
Scott McCallum Individual
Cheryl & Ed McClintock Family
Karen & Richard McComish Family
Mike McDaniel Individual
Tyler McElvain Individual
Gail McGlothlin Individual
Marie McHatton Individual
Brian & Bev McHugh Family
Shane Mckeever Individual
Andrew Mclain Individual
Terri McMillan Individual
Mary McNally Family
Matthew McNeal Individual
Eric Meadows Individual
Becky Meidinger Family
Keith Meier Individual
Pam Meier Individual
Craig Melder Individual
Ginny and Gary Mermel Family
Matthew Mettler Individual
Sharon Meyer Individual
Zach Meyers Individual
Jacque Michael Individual
Devin Michaelis Individual
James Mill Individual
Candi Millar Family
David Millegan Individual
Daris Millegan Family
Kevin Miller Family
Harry M. Miller Student
Dan & Pam Miller Family
Paul R. Miller Individual
Anthony Miller Family
Debbie Miller Individual
Carrie Miller Individual
Michael Mill-Sunden Individual
David Milroy Individual
Barbara Miner Individual
Lauri Miron Family
Becky Mitchell Family
Tiffany Mitchell Individual
Douglas and Leslie Modrow Family
Tim Mohr Individual
Elizabeth Monahan Individual
Elyse Monat Individual
Jenna Monson Individual
Chris Montague Family
Belle Moore Individual
Autumn Moore Individual
Jason Moothart Individual
Brent Morford Family
Alex Morgan Individual
Mary Morgan Individual
Tim & Linda Morgan Family
Todd Morgan Family
Stephen Morgan Individual
Ryan Morris Individual
Roland Morrison Individual
Karen Morrow Individual
Jane Moses Individual
John Mraz Family
John Mulford Individual
Lew Muller Family
Jason Mullins Individual
Patrick Murtagh Individual
Steve Mysse Individual
Kyle & Pat Neary Family
Steve Neary Individual
Greg and Sherry Neill Family
Karalee Nelson Individual
Gordon Nelson Individual
Chad Nelson Family
Kevin & Treva Nemeth Family
Steve Nesterak Individual
Kristin Neva Individual
Audrey Nevins Individual
Cindy Newmiller Individual
Dayla Newton Individual
Charlie Nichols Individual
Anne Nichols Family
Mark & Laura Nicholson Individual
Chris & Holly Nitschke Individual
Kathy Noble Individual
Karen Norsworthy Individual
Dena Northam Individual
Claire Oakley Family
Karen Oberlander Individual
John O’Brian Individual
April Obrien Family
Kevin Odenthal Individual
Anna O’Donnell Individual
Patrick O’Leary Individual
Olivier Individual
Eric Olson Individual
David Omen Individual
Richard Opp Family
Margaret O’reily Individual
Patricia Orlich Individual
Mike Ormsby & Ursula Richter Family
Rachel Osburn Individual
Cindy Osland Family
Carolyn Ostby Family
Kayhan Ostovar Family
Jan Otteson Individual
Karyn Ottolino Individual
Matt Overby Individual
Jamie Pace Individual
Sam Painter Individual
Drew Palmer Individual
Sy Palmer Individual
Russ Palmer Individual
Greg Palmer Family
Cynthia Vlahos Palmer Individual
Carolyn Pampe Family
Darian Panasuk Family
John Pannell Family
Deb Parker Individual
Patrick Parker Individual
Kristy Parrish Individual
Janet Parsanko Individual
Joshua Parsons Individual
Dan Patterson Individual
Quint Patterson Individual
Nick Patton Individual
Jerry Pawluck Individual
Vikki and Steve Payne Family
Clint Peck Individual
Rhetta Pederson Individual
Cecil Pegram Individual
Tim & Kayleith Pellandini Family
Mike Penfold Individual
Alana Perrin Individual
Thomas Peterman Family
Gwenna Peters Individual
Susan Petersen Individual
Eric Peterson Individual
Robert Peterson Family
Kathryn Peterson Individual
Brooke Peterson Individual
Nick Peterson Individual
Jason Peterson Individual
Doug Peterson Individual
Alicia Pettys Individual
Sean Phelps Individual
Fritz Pierce Family
Tara Pirtz Individual
Kristi & Steve Pish Family
Ali Pistora Individual
Susan Plath Individual
Gail Pomeroy Individual
Nancy Porter Family
Natasha Powers Individual
Jason Preble Family
Kristen Prewitt Individual
Becky Price Individual
Tony Prill Family
Brad Purdy Individual
Richard Quam Individual
Josiah Radda Individual
Jen Rahr Individual
Carter Raines Individual
Luke Rains Individual
Joe Rampy Individual
Diane Rankin Individual
Jacki Ransom Individual
Tina Rathie Individual
Katy Rausch Individual
Lollie & Wayne Ray Individual
Penelope Reed Individual
Diane Reichenberg Individual
Lisa Rembold Family
Holly Rensvold Individual
Nicole Reynolds Individual
Gerry and Martha Rhoades Individual
Nancy Rice Individual
Jeff Rice Individual
Renee Richards Individual
Jolene Rieck Family
Steven Rietz Individual
Dru Rietz-Weems Individual
Nikki Riske Family
Andrea Roane Individual
Donnette Roberts Individual
Mary Robertson Family
Madonna Robinson Student
Donald Robison Family
Zanya Rodabough Individual
Jason Rogers Individual
Ryan Rogers Individual
Sharon Roland Family
Breanna Rolande Individual
Kim Rolandson Individual
Sheri Rolf Individual
Synda Rorex Individual
Karson Rosander Individual
Bernard Rose Family
Sig Ross Family
Monte Ross Individual
Wendy Ross Individual
Brian Rossiter Family
Sam Rozett Individual
Josh Ruggles Family
Brandon Rupinski Individual
Tom Rupsis Family
Russ Plath Law, L.L.C. Family
Robert Rux Individual
Lisa Saer Individual
Becky Salyer Individual
Warren Sanders Individual
Ali Sandoval Individual
Terry & Kathleen Sather Family
Thomas Scarborough Individual
Deirdre Schafnitz Individual
Michelle Scheely Individual
Jessica Scheer Individual
Angela Schell-Dockter Family
Trish Schertz Individual
Joan Schey Family
Rich Schilf Individual
Jane Schiller Individual
Erik Schiller Individual
Ty & Jill Schmechel Family
Chris & MIke Schmechel Family
Kris Schmidt Individual
Karl Schmiedeskamp Individual
Ryan & Robbi Schnabel Individual
Dennis and Susan Schuld Family
Tim & Terri Schulz Individual
Heidi Schuman Individual
Don Schutt Family
Jeff Schweitzer Individual
Vanessa Scoles Individual
Jessica Sebastian Family
Jenna Seidlitz Individual
Dale Sekora Individual
Jeanie Sells Individual
Chris Severson Individual
Carolyn Sevier Individual
Mark & Rita Sevier Family
Kathie & Steve Shandera Family
Michelle Shannon Family
Janet Sharon Individual
Terry and Oksana Sheehan Family
Shane Shelden Individual
Sydne Sherman Individual
Shannon Sherman Individual
Ryan Shrader Individual
Kyle Shuck Individual
Stephen Simpson Individual
Tom Singer Family
Laurie Slavin Individual
Charlie Smillie Individual
Cory Smith Individual
Pam Smith Individual
Sonya Smith Individual
Rich Smith Individual
Joan Smith Individual
Ronald Smith Family
Maddy Smith Student
Kathie Smith Individual
Nadine Smith Individual
Joshua Soares Individual
Matthew Soby Family
Richie Solomon Individual
Mark Sortino Family
Genna Southworth Individual
Ray Southworth Individual
Juliet Spalding Family
Richard Spalding Individual
Paige Spalding and Jim Hummel Family
Kathleen Speier Individual
Michelle Spenny Family
Scott & Andrea Spickard Family
Tracey Spoonemore Family
Darrin Spooner Family
Judy Spooner Individual
Blake Stafford Individual
Nathan Stahley Individual
Phil and Linda Stalling Family
Becky Stambaugh Individual
Nancy Standley Individual
Kelly Starr Individual
William Stearns Individual
Robert and Karen Stears Family
Sharon Steppler Individual
Jewel Sternad Family
Robert Sterup Family
Erin Stevens Individual
Jim Stevenson Individual
Betty Stewart Individual
Katie Stites Individual
Nancy Stockman Individual
Jim Stoltz Individual
Spencer Stone Individual
Nicki Stornelli Individual
Jeffry Straight Individual
Kathleen Stratton Individual
Gerry Stratton Individual
Joel & Rachel Stroud Family
Michael Stundal Individual
Kirk & Leigh Suchy Individual
John Sugden Individual
Lacey Sullivan Individual
Dawn Summers Individual
Sandi & Kevin Sweeney Family
Jackie Swiesz Individual
George Swords Individual
Brandon Tabbert Individual
Angel Tallbull Individual
Karen Tanner Individual
Marilyn Tapia Individual
Lionel Tapia Family
Stacey Taylor Individual
Mary Jane and Stewart Taylor Family
Kristin Telkamp Individual
Judith Tenharmsel Individual
Megan Terry Individual
Shelly Theroux Individual
Megan Thiel Individual
Jacob Thiesse Individual
Thirsty Street Brewing Co. Family
Jim and April Thomas-Dejongh Family
Kirsten Thompson Individual
Brian and Gala Thompson Family
Melanie Thompson Individual
Jody Thompson Individual
Beau (William) Thompson Family
Tom Thomson Individual
Steve and Donna Tobin Family
Jennifer Toepfer Individual
Kelli Toohill Family
Brian Topel Family
Thomas Towe Individual
Melanie Tripp Family
Kendrick Trostel Family
Michael Troyer Individual
Sue Tucker Individual
Michael Turley Family
Eileen Tuss Individual
Mike Tuss Individual
Sheila Tuss Individual
Darlene Tussing Individual
Gregg Tvetene Family
Tanya Tweten Individual
Bonnie Twilling Individual
Ben Tyrrell Individual
Alex Urbanski Individual
Jane Urbaska Individual
Shepard Vail Family
Sandra Vancleeve Student
Daniel Vandal Individual
Pat Vandell Individual
Sherry Varner Individual
Cindy Vieira Individual
DeAnn Visser Individual
Brad VonBergen Individual
Jodie Vuicich Individual
Ronda Vukasin Individual
Mikayla Waarvik Individual
Mark and Elizabeth Waddington Family
Anne-Marie Wade Individual
Daniel Wagner Individual
Audrey Wagner Individual
Heidi Wagner Individual
Gretchen Wagner Individual
Kassidy Waiksnis Individual
Chris Waite Individual
Jen Walker Individual
Stephanie Walker Student
Scott Walker Individual
Kim Wall Family
John and Kathleen Walsh Family
Lisa Walton Individual
Todd Walton Individual
Michael Walz Family
Shawn Wanchena Family
Julie Wang Individual
Selena Wang Individual
Miles Waples Individual
Kirsten Weatherford Individual
Darryl Weber Family
Karen Weber Individual
Ed Weber Individual
Jamie Weed Individual
Emily Weidinger Individual
Janet Weisz Individual
Carol Welch Individual
Leif and Annette Welhaven Family
Susan Wellbrook Individual
Samuel Westlind Individual
Dave & Katie Whisenand Family
Pat White Individual
Angela Widdicombe Individual
Chrissy Wiegand Individual
Jeff Wiggins Individual
Gerry Wilkins Family
Kathy Wilkinson Individual
Mandy Williams Individual
Roger Williams Family
Amy Willis Individual
James Wilson Individual
Michael Wilson Individual
Darryl Wilson Family
Catherine Windenhofer Individual
Mark Winslow Individual
Larry Winslow Individual
Don Woerner Individual
Kayla Wolfe Individual
Joe Womack Individual
Mike and Tera Wombolt Family
Jason Wood Individual
Jon Wright Family
Charles & Carolyn Yegen Family
Denny Yonts Individual
Karma Young Individual
Donna Young Individual
Ione Young Family
Scott Yucha Individual
Lea Ann Yucha Individual
Maggie Zaback Individual
Gina Zeilstra Student

Corporate Members:

Anytime Fitness
Billings Area Chamber of Commerce
Collaborative Designs Architects Inc.
CTA Architects & Engineers
Electrical Consultants Inc
Rocky Mountain Bank
Territorial Landworks, Inc.
The Base Camp
The Spoke Shop