Save a Life, Take The HI Road!!

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Take The Hi Road is a campaign created by Billings TrailNet to teach and promote proper biking and driving etiquette to ensure safe travel on our Billings roads. Although Billings has 45 miles of trails, sometimes cyclists are forced to use roads to get where they need to go. Many drivers and cyclists are unclear about what is expected of them to ensure  proper communication between the two and this has resulted in frustration on both sides

Take The HI Road aims to create a common language amongst drivers and cyclists to create a safer and more predictable environment on the roads. To find out more about the campaign and to brush up on your road sharing etiquette check out our full page on Take The High Road, Here!

The more awareness we can spread about this campaign, the safer our roads will be so grab a friend or a cycling buddy and take a look at our full page! We believe that everyone can learn something from drivers to the most veteran cyclists! Thank you for your help in keeping our roads safe!