Group biking opportunities in Billings


BACN (Billings Area Cycling Network)  

By joining this listserv, you will get messages from others in the area who are hosting rides and may be looking for others to join them.  We have many cyclists of all levels here in Billings who would much rather ride together and take advantage of riding with others such as: camaraderie, breaking the wind, competition, after ride festivities and so on.  If we get numbers to these rides, there will always be a layer of different levels that will shake out during the ride and probably new friends and riding partners will be made. To join the BACN listserv, go to Google groups or!topic/billings-area-cycling-network/ZT8DzTP5Eag

BBC (Billings Bicycling Club/Billings Bicycle Group) 

The BBC/BBG is a group set up in facebook. You can post to the group by using the address:

You can also join Billings Bicycle Club and receive emails by visiting their website.

Keep updated on all the rides – check the event list on Facebook –

Billings Dert Jerx  is a mountain bike club whose focus is on trails and low-key group rides. They support social interaction with cyclists and non-cyclists, and have been instrumental in maintaining dirt trails around Billings.


Wednesday night mountain bike rides (EVERY WEDNESDAY) depart at 6:00 pm from the parking lot at Zimmerman Park, led by The Spoke Shop.

Mountain Bike/Cyclo Cross Rides: Want to hit the dirt?  Many of us like to as well — look to the BACN notifications to find out where and when folks are hitting the great trails around Billings and the state.

Every Saturday: Spoke Shop and Billings TrailNet’s Urban Trail Tour 

First Saturday of each month

Casual pace, no-drop 12 mile ride leaving from The Spoke Shop the every Saturday starting at 9 am. Tour the Billings urban trail and bikeway system with the experts in bicycles!  Ride the bike lane on Lewis Ave, the Lillis Park trail, the Broadwater trail, the Shiloh trail, the Transtech trail, and the Descro Park trail for a loop back to The Spoke Shop.