New bike racks in downtown Billings

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Whether you’re a bicycle commuter who works downtown or you occasionally pedal to the heart of Billings for fun, you may have noticed a big improvement to local cycling infrastructure.

The blue staple-shaped bike racks that dotted downtown sidewalks are being replaced by black ring-shaped racks that are more attractive and functional.

Joe Stout and his Purple People, part of the Downtown Billings Alliance, have been busy switching out the bike racks.

The following organizations contributed to the bike rack project:

Billings TrailNet: $2,000

CTA Architects Engineers: $500

Sanderson Stewart: $500

Billings Association of Realtors: $1,000

Downtown Billings Alliance: $1,000

In case you are wondering, the blue staples have not been thrown away. We are told that the City Parks Department plans to use them elsewhere.

If you would like to learn about providing a bike rack outside your business, please contact Scott Walker, Transportation Planning Coordinator for City County Planning at

To get a bike rack at a downtown business, please download the form below and submit it to

by Tom Howard