More funding for trails from Congress is up to ALL OF US to request!

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Congress is beginning its work to define the next major federal transportation bill, which will guide how decisions are made about transportation spending including funding for trails, walking and biking.  The main federal law, the FAST Act, currently governing funding of America’s surface transportation programs, including the part covering trails, and other pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, is set to expire in September 2020.

Following find information about four bills that will form a part of the FAST Act under consideration in the House.  We need Montana organizations and individuals to contact Congressman Gianforte asking him for his support of all four bills listed below. 

Investing in Active Transportation Connectivity (HR 5696)

The Connecting America’s Active Transportation System Act (H.R. 5696) establishes focused funding for active transportation connectivity—including trails. This proposal would provide $500 million annually for active transportation networks, providing walking and biking infrastructure so that people can safely travel between home and the places they want to go within their communities, such as jobs, schools, shopping and transit; and active transportation spines, which provide walking and biking routes between communities, regions and states.

Growing Transportation Alternatives (HR 5231)

The “Transportation Alternatives Enhancements Act” (H.R. 5231) will grow Transportation Alternatives, the largest federal funding source for trails, walking and biking—and curb transfers from the program so that meaningful opportunities are provided in all states to develop safe places to walk and bike.

Tripling Funding for the Recreational Trails Program (HR 5797)

Tripling funding for the Recreational Trails Program, the only federal funding source that supports trail maintenance, to reflect recreational fuel taxes and ensure good repair as trails age by supporting the RTP Full Funding Act of 2020 (H.R. 5797).

Funding Active Transportation Projects on Public Lands (HR 5642)

Setting aside 5% of the Federal Lands Transportation Program and the Federal Lands Access Program for active transportation to provide funding for construction, planning and design of walking and biking facilities to accommodate all non-drivers and provide access to points of interest in our Federal Estate.

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Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.   Please remember to contact Congressman Gregg Gianforte at the following address: The Honorable Gregg Gianforte, U.S. House of Representatives, 1222 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515.

Bob Walker, Chair Montana Trails Coalition