Form a Commuter Challenge Team! 

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Form a team for this year’s Commuter Challenge at your business!


Join the Commuter Challenge! >>


  • Your employees will arrive to work more energized and ready to work
  • It’s a fun team-building activity
  • It’s great publicity for your business
  • Participants get an incentive card with discounts and freebies at more than 20 local businesses

See for a list of current incentives.


To make it even more fun, please challenge another business to participate!

  • Invite a business colleague whose organization you’d like to challenge
  • Encourage the business to sign up at


We have made it simple to participate

  • Team captains can access a Toolkit with a calendar, ready-to-send email messages for encouraging team members, a sample press release and ideas for work incentives
  • Instructions on how to participate and log miles


Want to offer incentives for your employees who participate? Here are some ideas:

  • Provide a free weekly breakfast
  • Award 15 minutes of vacation time for each day an employee uses active transportation
  • Offer a $10 gift card to employees who sign up and complete at least one trip
  • Have a weekly raffle for fun fitness items

Business Toolkit – Download these resources to use at your workplace

April Calendar 2016_pdf


Sample Press Release

Sample Email