Montana state law, common sense and concern for both you and our community require us to NOT serve alcohol to intoxicated persons.  If you are intoxicated and thirsty, please refresh yourself with our non-alcoholic beverages, and if you were planning to drive home please choose instead to take advantage of the taxi ride vouchers made available by the DUI Task Force at the front gate during the Ales for Trails event.

Billings TrailNet’s policy concerning alcohol provision and consumption at Billings TrailNet events

All Billings TrailNet employees, members and volunteers are required to diligently strive to assure that alcohol is not served to intoxicated persons, and to refer cases to police authorities where potential harm by an intoxicated person to himself/herself or others or property is a legitimate concern .

When in doubt about a whether an event attendee requesting alcohol is intoxicated, servers must refuse to serve, and instead offer non-alchoholic beverages when available, as well as advising the guest of other options available to protect themselves and others from harm that could arise from intoxication.  Such options may include by way of example a taxi ride voucher for intoxicated or possibly intoxicated persons planning to drive home from the event.   These options should be encouraged not just by servers but by all Billings TrailNet employees, members and volunteers at these events.