Put Your Bicycle Safety Knowledge to the Test!

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With our new Bicycle Black Belt course starting this month we are challenging you to put your bicycle safety knowledge to the test! Take our short quiz to see if you’re already a master of the road or if there might be some room for improvement! Also be sure to check out our Bicycle Black Belt course the last Saturday of every month starting in August!

 Check out our Bicycle Black Belt Class!

90-100% = You’re a Safety Master!
80-89% = Very Impressive!
70-79% = Almost there, young grasshopper!
60-69% = Needs Improvement!
59% and below = Sign up for Bicycle Blackbelt… like now!

If your score is 75% or lower, you will definitely benefit from the skills you gain in our Bicycle Black Belt Class. Your riding skills will improve by learning rules of the road, traffic law and the ideal lane positioning to avoid crashes. You can register here.