Ales for Trails celebration is just around the corner. Everyone has been patiently waiting for this amazing event all year and it is finally here! Billings TrailNet is celebrating 15 years of starting the best brewfest in town to raise funds for our trail system. It all began in 2001 with a group of extremely devoted people that had a desire to build a better community.

That was when George Moncure, owner of Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co., was introduced into the group of these dedicated volunteers. Originally from Fort Collins, Colorado, he was excited about an opportunity to get involved with such an enthusiastic community group.

Together they began to think of ways to raise money to help the city with funding of the trail system and bike lanes. As they walked the trails of Billings, they came up with an idea to bring biking enthusiasts together with the help from local microbreweries at a fundraising event. Mike Tuss of CTA Architects and Engineers came up with the name Ales for Trails.

It took hard work and dedication by everyone involved, but they made it happened. In 2001 under the Skypoint hundreds of active lifestyle supporters gathered to socialize and to enjoy local beers.

Since then Billings TrailNet (formerly BikeNet) was created as a non-profit organization and Ales for Trails has been its biggest fundraiser of the year. The organization started to gain much success during its first years thanks to a number of hardworking people. Sandy Fisher wrote the original BikeNet plan, while Gary Lacy developed the vision for the trail plan.

Billings TrailNet provides local match funding for building trails all over the Billings area to increase eligibility for federal funding. Darlene Tussing played an important role in Billings TrailNet’s success from the beginning by writing grants for federal funding. Over the years Billings TrailNet contributed close to $300,000 to our trail system. To see the full list of Billings TrailNet’s contributions click here.

Ales for Trails has been improving every year since 2001. Today it is all possible thanks our restless Executive Director Kristi Drake and our hardworking Board of Directors.

This year the event is expected to draw more than 2000 people that care about improving our community while enjoying some of the best Ales served in Billings. There are also more than 35 businesses that donate funds on a yearly basis. Proceeds raised through Ales for Trails and donated by businesses help fund our trail system. We are proud to have so many supporters and we would like to invite you to become a part of this great cause by joining us at Ales for Trails.

We can’t wait to see everyone at the event this year on September 25th 5-10pm at Dehler Park! Click here to buy your tickets now.